Wine Tasting Griffin’s

During your stay at the Griffin’s resort you will have the opportunity to taste the wines produced directly inside the estate and take an accompanied walk at the production cellar located inside the property.

For more info visit www.tenutaponziani.it/en/cantina

The tasting will take place in the cave accessible from the restaurant and includes:

○ 1 glass of Ponziani Velia white wine paired with cheese and fresh fruit platters
○ 1 glass of Ponziani Fasti red wine paired with cold cuts.
○ Water will also be made available

During your stay you can also book a tasting dinner which includes:

○ 1 appetizer
○ 2 tastings of first courses
○ 1 second with side dish
○ 1 dessert
○ 1 coffee
○ 1 water
○ Extra drinks excluded.