1st May Menu


1st May with Griffin’s resort and Il Tempo dei Sensi Restaurant


Il Tempo dei Sensi

House Palate Teasers

From a range of local cheeses and cured meats

to a mixed plate of bruschetta

and a selection of our gourmand starters

First of May Simphony

Mezze maniche pasta seasoned with saffron

served on fava beans and pecorino cheese puree

with crispy pancetta

Three Flavours Tortelli

Homemade egg pasta dumplings,

filled with ricotta and nepitella,

in a light noisette butter, sage and hazelnuts sauce

Aromatic Braised Lamb

scented with star anise and saffron,

with a side of baked potatoes

Rabbi roll medallions

Stuffed with chicken, olives and mint leaves

with a side of sautè chicory


Feel free to choose your favorite one from our menu 

Euro 35 per person