The Griffin’s provides guests with mountain bikes. Enjoy a ride with your family or friends along paths that lead you from the resort’s garden to the property’s surrounding hills and valleys.

A forest extends along one side of the property, offering the opportunity for lovely outings on foot, bicycle or horseback. Wind along the paths that unexpectedly open onto scenic overlooks with spectacular views of the nearby valleys. Guided visits are also available for learning more about the vast diversity of plants and flowers that make up the dense vegetation.

Visit to the Countryside

Our countryside is worth a visit! You can take a path that starts from the orchard inside Griffin’s garden with peach trees, apricots, pears, apples, persimmons, almonds, cherries, etc., and goes on to visit the olive grove, one of the highest in the region, with its variety of native plants Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio, which is the source of the  oil from the farm that enriches and characterizes the dishes in our restaurant, Il Tempo dei Sensi, then passes through the vineyard, a wide expanse of terracing on a volcanic soil called Venanzite, which gives character and individuality to the white and red wines of Griffin’s and Ponzio. Walking through the fields, as well as taking a look at our colourful garden, you can also enjoy collecting mushrooms, asparagus, blackberries, wild chicory according to the seasons and whatever else is offered by the earth and the surrounding forest.

Visit the Stables

A stable was recently established to house the guests’ horses. Situated in a secluded place, a hollow behind the wood, surrounded by lush greenery, the all-wood building is well integrated in the landscape. A large outdoor patio, with a wooden table and benches, provides a pleasant place for guests to spend time in the shade, close to their travelling companions. Comfortable, well-equipped loose boxes, a place for washing the animals outdoors, a large fountain for them to drink at in the heat of the summer, make up the accommodation of the area reserved for the stables. During long horseback rides in the meadows and hills near the property, you will be able take a break. Stop at the Griffin’s to feed the horses and rest. It’s a relief to know that there’s a comfortable and relaxing rest spot for our four-legged friends.For guests of Griffin’s that will take them to explore the territory going horseback tours can be arranged at a horse stable at about 700 m, subject to reservation and availability.

Medicinal Herb Garden Visit

It is now proven that medicinal herbs have important qualities. Firstly, they are sought for their therapeutic value, increasingly they find a wide culinary use, have repellent properties against certain insects and, not least, some of them can ornament and perfume the rooms of the house. They also are increasingly used in cooking and as a natural insect repellent. And, last but not least, they play a significant role in the home for cleaning and decorating.   Inspired by the seemingly endless uses of each plant, we created a garden specifically dedicated to medicinal herbs that was created and organized precisely to extol each species’ unique properties.  In fact, due to herbs’ benefits and curative powers, they are increasingly in demand for helping to soothe and cure pain, “making the sun suddenly shine brightly from a rediscovered sense of well-being”. Wandering along the paths, you will be able to learn more about each plant’s characteristics. Collect some to make a relaxing herbal tea or to add some flavour and spice to a tasty dish!


The Griffin’s Resort would like to propose you several activities to better discover our lands and get to know Umbrian history, through the visits of the medieval down towns and parks of the Region. Behind reservation is also possible to ask for experts, who will guide you through the discovery of the Etruscan areas.

Each journey can be tailored according to everyone’s needs and preferences; for this reason we would like to invite you to contact us ahead to arrange the tours and give you all the details and information.